Our Curriculam

Focus on education on international mindedness
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IB learners strive to be :

Early Childhood Programme (3 a�� 5 years)

The programme focuses onA� young children and nurtures their development as individuals, both in the classroom and in the world outside, with a strong importance on inquiry-based learning. The programme is a balanced curriculum that helps children to imbibe social skills by learning through play-way method.

Primary Years Programme (5-11 years)

The elementary years are very important years in a childa��s development. At every stage of development, students are presented with learning experiences which are appropriate to their level. The core classes (literacy, mathematics, science and social studies) are taught by the homeroom teacher.

Middle Years Programme (11-16 years)

We, as a middle school, provide excellent learning experiences, enriching activities, challenging sports programs and lasting friendships. The programs offered in grade 6 through 8 are in alignment with the mission of the school and address the needs of our internationally diverse young adolescents


Empowers teachers and students with innovative practices in a dynamic technology rich environment in order to inspire action in the classroom and beyond.

Inclusive School Culture

We haveA� a common understanding of inclusion and has identified research based strategies that support teachers in differentiating instruction for all students.

Service Learning

We posses a culture of service where the students are intricately motivated to transfer their academic knowledge allowing them to improve experiences that improve the lives of others.

Inquiry Based Learning

Strategies to foster a sense of curiosity and inspire action in the classroom and beyond.